Wife Discovers Husband’s Tinder Profile And Makes A Few Adjustments

If you’re a married man using a dating app, you might want to make sure you don’t leave your phone lying around.

One philandering husband learnt the hard way that it’s a bad idea to leave your phone lying around when you’ve got dating apps on it. The husband in question had downloaded the Tinder app onto his phone and was using it to look for women to fool around with. His wife saw the app on his phone and was understandably furious.

The enraged woman decided to get even in a hilarious way: she made some unsavoury changes to his profile. After she was done, his bio explained that he was married with two children. It went on to describe his privates as “tiny” and “ STI infected”. The new Tinder bio his wife wrote for him was epic and she certainly didn’t pull any punches!


“Hey my name is mike I’m married with two kids. I have a tiny dick that is sti infested. My wife found my profile if you can’t tell and I don’t know yet that she’s talking on the phone right now with one of my girls and is leaving me. I’m a piece of shit who doesn’t give a flying fuck about anyone but myself I have been talking and cheating so long don’t be sad if I don’t remember your name because I send the same generic shit to all you girls. Feel free to blow me up with hate mail.”