Wanted: Wedding Photography In Exchange For Free Instagram Publicity

Weddings can be very expensive, so if there is a chance to get some part of it at a reduced price, most people would take it. In this article you can read about the clever couple who did just that.

The couple in Chicago posted an advert asking for wedding photographs in exchange for free publicity through an instagram account with over 17,000 followers. The couple felt that large events often had sponsors, and their wedding was no different to this.

The response was not exactly what they had expected with some people replying in very scathing terms about the couple wanting things for free. One person wrote that it was highly offensive to ask people to provide you with a free service for something as personal as a wedding. A wedding was not the place for a marketing opportunity. After being flagged by other Craigslist users, the listing was then removed.

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The soon-to-be-bride and groom will be accepting event service sponsors for their upcoming engagement party (June 2016), wedding/bridal shower (Spring 2017), wedding (June 2017) & honeymoon! If your service could be used for all three events, engagement party, wedding shower, and wedding then we would be more than happy to keep your service for all three. That then would also mean extra marketing for your business! If you decide to go forward with this opportunity, please contact me so we could further discuss sponsorship packages and work something out!

In exchange for your service, I am offering you free publicity. Though I do not work in a marketing industry, I have a very large social media following count of 17.6K on Instagram. Which by the time the engagement gets here the following count would probably be well in 30K, possibly more. I would also add your service to our wedding website page for each guest to view. We plan on having many guests in attendance, around 300-350. Possibly even 400. My Fiancé & I are very young couple. Since we are so young many our friends who will also be in attendance will also be planning weddings of their own soon. Our followers are all ages and from all over.

Local and non-local sponsors will also be considered. If you know someone who might be interested please let me know! It does not matter where you or them located. 

we are currently seeking businesses to offer sponsorship for the following services: Beauty services, Wedding attire for Bride, Groom, and Wedding party, Invitations & Stationery, Videography, Photography, Decor, Catering, Favors, Centerpieces, Wedding Cake, Honeymoon, Accommodation, and Limousine/Transportation Rental. If you have a service that you would like to offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us to hear about our phenomenal sponsorship packages!

I firmly believe this would be a great opportunity for you to showcase your business and meet potential clients. I also believe our guests would be the perfect demographic for your business, they are young as well and will be planning weddings in the near future. Thank you for your consideration. Please contact me back if you would like to discuss this opportunity further.

The next day, someone posted a scathing response post for the couple’s advertisement on behalf of the wedding vendors:

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“Dear Wedding Couple who are looking for “sponsors” for a free wedding for 300 – 400 people.

People who work and provide services for weddings have bills to pay, children to feed, and rent/mortgage to pay — just like you (unless you don’t work for a  living and get free magic money from somewhere).

It is highly offensive to think, much less ask, for people to provide you with goods and services for free,” the person writes. “Do you actually think you are special or any different than any other couple because you have followers on Instagram? Your wedding is NOT a marketing opportunity. Sorry not sorry to burst your ridiculous bubble.

A wedding reception is not an entitlement. It is not required to actually get married. That is what the country marriage court is for.

The people who work in the events service industry do not exist to subsidize your life. America decided free labor was a bad thing like over 100 years ago. (Sorry not sorry Millennials, your “sharing” economics also sucks. Just pay for stuff. Free or trade doesn’t pay the damn rent.)

Scale it down to something you can afford, or go to the courthouse. Those are your options.”

Source: PetaPixel