This Mother’s Side-By-Side Video Comparison Of Carrying Twins Vs. Just One Might Make You Scared To Have Twins!

Being pregnant with one baby is hard work, as most moms will tell you. But carrying twins is a far and away more difficult than a single baby. Here Natalie Bennett, who is a vlogger, and mom of twins, gives us a peek into her next pregnancy, which was a single baby instead of twins.

The video shows her side by side shots of ‘the tummy’, which she had with the twins, compared to what she had with the single birth. At 36 weeks with the twins, Natalie says she felt like she had a torpedo sticking out in front of her, so huge was her belly.

Comparing the two pregnancies, Natalie says that while she is still tired, short of breathe, and still getting up in the night for the twins, she is not anywhere as worn out as she was with the first pregnancy.

“The pregnancy itself was so much less comfortable than what it is now,” says the incredible Natalie. “I had twice as many doctors appointments.”

Twins vs. One Baby

That’s Bennett pregnant at 36 weeks with her twins on one side and at 36 weeks with her one baby on the other.

Bennett reflected on that image:

“I had a huge body by the end. My belly was so ridiculously large it looks inhuman. … The thumbnail of it is downright shocking. People look at it and they go ‘oh my gosh what am I looking at.,” she said.

Twin pregnancies are classed as ‘high risk’ simply because so many things can go wrong. Double appointments, for a start, to keep an eye on things. Extra distance to travel to see specialists – all these are very tiring when carrying a huge bump in front. Natalie said that it seemed that everything she did was a huge effort, because of the amount of weight that she was carrying on her belly. Even doing simple things was hard, not to mention tiring.

Natalie says that the single pregnancy has been so straightforward, compared to the twins. We think she is just amazing!

Source: Someecards