This Is Why You Don’t Fall Asleep On The Rod!

Now this is why you don’t fall asleep holding the pole… Unless of course, you have a friend with a camera and want to make the rest of us laugh!

“Why do you say that?” you might ask. We’ll you just have to see this to believe it.

This guy was out fishing off a small boat dock, built on Canadhota Lake, Pennsylvania. Maybe it was a long night without sleep, a few beers, a good meal, or maybe just a nice comfortable day, but something put him to sleep with a pole in his hand.

His friend realized something (That was later referred to as a red-neck tarpon), was about to take a bite and turned on his camera. After focusing in on his slumbering pal (who looks like he sleeps for sport) the cameraman shifts his focus to the line, where you can clearly see a tug.

Suddenly all you see is a huge splash and a displacement of water. As the cameraman pans back to his friend, where he finds that his friend has taken an unintentional plunge. The massive fish that he eventually caught ended up pulling him right into the water!

You got to give the guy credit where credit is due, most folks would have just dropped the rod.

This guy’s iron grip lead him in with it!