The British Government Wants Expectant Mums To Be Called Pregnant ‘People’ – Not ‘Women’

People have reacted animatedly to the proposal that the term ‘pregnant women’ is changed to ‘pregnant people’, so as not to exclude transgender people.

The proposal was reportedly made by the country’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, in a submission on amending the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

The Times quoted a representative from the Office, who confirmed: “We requested that the UN Human Rights Committee made it clear that the same right [to life for pregnant women] extends to pregnant transgender people.”

The proposal has caused quite a bit of controversy, with many critics expressing their disapproval online.

As you can imagine, conversation has been particularly heated over on Twitter!

“UK not using the term ‘pregnant women’ in case it offends trans people. What is this world coming to?” tweeted one person.

Another branded the proposal as ‘insanity’: “The term ‘pregnant woman’ excludes all people who are not pregnant. Biology excludes trans woman from pregnancy, not language.”

Elsewhere, a Twitter user who does not support the proposal asked ‘what is the world coming to?’ in their 140-character commentary.

Others, however, have viewed it as progressive and necessary move forwards.

“It’s really not hard to say ‘pregnant people’ instead of ‘pregnant women’. Why is there such a fuss over it? It’s simple inclusivity,” wrote one supporter.

“Really pleased the UK Government is demanding pregnant transgender people are given the ‘right to life’ in the UN treaty,” another said.

What are your thoughts on the proposal? Are you in favour of having the term ‘pregnant women’ replaced by ‘pregnant people’ in official documents?

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