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  • Quinoa Corn And Avocado Salad

    Quick cooking quinoa makes this a perfect summer salad when you don’t want to heat up the kitchen. It is also great for a last minute potluck, or when company comes over unexpectedly. Instructions: Combine everything in a large bowl and mix well.

  • How To Save Your RV From Ants

    Ants inspect food in their vicinity by sending out their special scouts who first investigate the entire area individually. On finding food, the scout then, secretes a hormone called pheromones. This acts as a landmark for the food while the scout goes back to his hill and calls gets backup! They are incredibly organized, folks! When you are RVing in … Read more

  • From Pension Applications To Bounty Warrants: Free Revolutionary War Records Online

    Do you have ancestors that served during the American Revolutionary War? A surprising number of records exist from this period and there are now numerous free collections online that will allow you to uncover records about these ancestors and their families. From Pensions Applications and Bounty Land Warrants, to the fascinating collections of the Daughters of the American Revolution – … Read more

  • Plans For Vegetable Gardens

    Fall-Harvest Vegetable Garden Fresh lettuce, spinach, and peas aren’t limited to spring vegetable garden ideas. Replant as temperatures cool in late summer for a second round of these favorites. Garden Size: 4 by 4 feet Colorful Vegetable Garden Red cabbage, golden oregano, and Johnny jump-up teams with chard, lettuce, onions, and other favorites to create a vegetable garden idea … Read more

  • Men’s Knitting: Is It ‘The New Yoga’?

    Gerrard Allt had been smoking for around 20 years and was getting through a packet of cigarettes a day when a housemate introduced him to knitting. “It gave me something else to do with my hands,” says the softly-spoken Scouser, now in his 40s. “Before that I’d tried quitting, but I was going cold turkey … Read more

  • How To Make A Minnow Trap

    Tired of buying your own fishing bait every week? With little more than some string and an old plastic 2-liter soda bottle you can craft your own minnow trap, catching your own minnows in a nearby stream. You Will Need 2 two-liter soda bottle heavy string or fishing line Box cutter or sturdy knife duct … Read more

  • Coralline Algae Discovered In Freshwater River In Croatia

    Pneophyllum cetinaensis cannot survive in saltwater. The Cetina River in Croatia is a karst river located in the Adriatic Sea watershed. Coralline algae, often seen as a hard, light pinkish algae on saltwater aquarium rocks, invertebrate shells, and glass was thought to be exclusive to saltwater and brackish water environments, but eastern European scientists have discovered … Read more

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