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  • Knitter Interrogated By Police For “Knitting In Public”

    Everyone has a favorite hobby which they like to indulge in once in a while. If you have a relaxing hobby such as reading or knitting, you might need some quiet and alone time with it. Gregory Patrick, a writer and knitter from Orlando, Florida realized that knitting at Starbucks early in the morning is a … Read more

  • French Photographers Capture Hostile Scene Using Nikon 1200-1700mm

    Here’s a fascinating article on the Nikon 1200-1700mm. Cameras have changed the way we see the world. With the latest updates in technology, there are so many things that these devices can offer us. People from all walks of life are familiar with its functionality, and most of them own a camera in some form or … Read more

  • Grenfell Survivors Could Receive “Special Consideration” For A Level Results

    Two months after a fire tore through Grenfell Tower, local volunteers on the ground have expressed concerns over “already traumatised” Grenfell survivors receiving their A-level results this week. Their concerns have led to some urging UCAS to make sure that survivors’ conditional university offers are accepted regardless of their results on Thursday morning. Professor Chris … Read more

  • 10 Expert Tips Every Avid Gardener Needs To Know

    If you’re just starting a new garden and have no idea where to begin, these 10 tips will help point you in the right direction. Whether you’re an old hand with a trowel or just moved to your first home with a garden, everyone can use some handy tips. The problem is that so much … Read more

  • Easy RV Hacks: 41 Tips To Improve Your RVing

    This post will teach you 41 tips to improve your RVing experience. Don’t forget to look at some of the other great articles on the site! RVing may be lots of fun, but it does bring some unique challenges. Luckily there are some very clever ways of dealing with these common RVing issues. There are great tips … Read more

  • World’s 15 Best Photographers According To Fellow Professionals

    Since the development of the camera, photography has definitely taken off both as a career and hobby for many individuals. Looking for some inspiration so you too can become a good photographer? Check out this gallery featuring designers and famous photographers. The list includes many famous names in the industry, like Mario Testino who worked his … Read more

  • Win a $1,000 NYX Make Up Set & Carry Case

    If you’re looking to massively increase your make up collection without spending a penny, this is the chance you’ve been looking for! We’re helping to promote this amazing NYX Make Up giveaway which features an entire set of NYX make up PLUS a professional carry case (this is the kind of case you’ll see make … Read more

  • 10 Worthwhile Charities To Send Your Projects To

    Every person who knits and crochets a lot will eventually end up with an excess of items. In this article, you will find a list of worthwhile charities to send your extra items. Many charities are devoted to entirely to keeping homeless people warm, clothed and fed. These organisations rely totally on donations of clothing to … Read more

  • 5 Incredibly Dumb Things That Have Caused Damage To My RV

    RVing is something that thousands of enthusiasts participate in. This article highlights some silly things he has done to his RV. He says that when you travel as often as most RVers do, mistakes are bound to happen. Most of the stupid things that have been depicted in the video here happen are due to lack of … Read more

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