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  • 6 Online Places To Search Photo Collections For Your Genealogy Research

    Very few family historians are fortunate enough to have photographs of their ancestors, especially of those who lived more than two generations back. Most of us have access to a few photos through family members, but these are usually only in our close family circle. As more people have become interested in genealogy, more photograph … Read more

  • Compost Tea – The Ultimate Organic Fertilizer

    Compost tea may be the best fertilizer that you could use for your garden. And in this post, we are going to learn how to create some for ourselves. So, wear your garden gloves. We’re about to deal with some nutrient-filled dirt! Compost tea is the perfect way to boost your plants’ growth and obtain higher … Read more

  • 8 Funny Pictures Of Pet Fish Shaming For The Gillty

    We’ve seen dog and cat shaming, so why not do it to the pet fish as well? They’re not that innocent. Hopefully, no fish were left emotionally unstable in the making of the images below. As a fishkeeper you might be the only one of your friends that truly understands what’s to follow, although possibly this … Read more

  • Stop Wasting Money With These 5 Knitting Hacks

    Finding and buying knitting gadgets we want can be crazy expensive. Yes, we want them all but sometimes our budgets don’t allow for wild knitting accessories. So, here we have a list of 5 items you might already have laying around your house that can be recycled and used at your knitting leisure. 1. Tea … Read more

  • Suspicious Mother Uncovers Son’s Biggest Secret

    This is one of those stories that makes you thankful you weren’t young again. As caring and thoughtful as parents can be, this is one situation that any child doesn’t want their parent thrust into. Nevertheless, it’s “character building”. A Mom visits her son for dinner who lives with a girl roommate. During the course … Read more

  • 9 Silly Things That People Keep Saying To Knitters

    It’s a well know fact that ‘artsy’ people can be tetchy at times. It’s also a well known fact that it’s not a good idea to get on the wrong side of a crafter who has in the immediate vicinity some very sharp scissors, hooks, needles and pins. While most crafters are normally calm and … Read more

  • 10 Best Plants To Repel Bugs In Your Garden

    Unfortunately everybody has been there; you’ve got a big backyard party planned or maybe just an intimate family barbecue. Either way, look out for all the uninvited guests you’re about to be hosting. Insects love a good outdoor party and soon you’ll be catering to these annoying pests instead of enjoying yourself. If you’re like … Read more

  • The Evolution Of Girl Names In The US From 1880-2013

    “Linda. Tiffany. Jennifer. Dorothy. What is in a name? For something you’re expected to stick with for your whole life, names seem to come and go as quickly as fashion trends. While some names stick around forever (Elizabeth), others flash into popularity in an instant (Shirley, Brittany). Regardless, these names live on in American history … Read more

  • These Are The Chores Your Kid Should Be Doing Based On Their Age

    In a strange plot twist, it turns out that chores can actually be done by children based on their age, and that different chores work better for different age groups. Parents may feel guilty for giving their children many responsibilities to help around the house and some mothers follow the “if I do it, it’ll get … Read more

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