Nail Salon Charges ‘Overweight’ People More For Pedicures

Everyone loves a trip to get their nails done, right? This should be a time when you can relax, sit back, get those toes pampered and maybe have your back massaged into the bargain. It was at one salon – Rosa Nails in Memphis – that a customer saw a sign that made her sit up instead of relax.

The sign stated that if you were overweight, then the price of your pedicure would increase! The lady who saw this, Deshania Ferguson, then posted it on her social media page. As you could expect, the comments were less than flattering towards the salon!

A basic pedicure at Rose Salon will set you back $25.30 – unless you are overweight, then the ‘fat police’ will add an extra 77% to your fee. Your total will be $45!

WREG News Channel 3 news went to investigate this situation and spoke to Son Nguyen, the spokesperson for the salon. He said that he had never seen the sign before, and had no idea where it had come from. Nguyen admitted that he had thought about a sign but never put one up.

It seems that overweight customers had, on two occasions, sat on chairs and broken them. Nguyen explained that the chairs are not cheap, they run at between $2000 and $2500 each, and the salon could not afford to keep replacing them. He also said that it was difficult for technicians to give pedicures to fat people.

Comments on Deshania’s social media page begged the question as to who decided that customers were in fact overweight? Who decided when they were acceptable and when they had tipped the scales to be classed as fat? And what about pregnant women? Were they to be classed as overweight? Who, in fact, has the right to call someone else fat?

Considering that the majority of women in the US are sized between 14 and 16, does this mean that they are fat, and should pay extra for a pedicure? Very touchy subject!

Source: Scary Mommy