Man Felt Sick After Rude Backpacker Puts Smelly Feet On Bus Seats

Travelling through South East Asia is an incredible experience and I cannot recommend it more to people wanting to see some amazing sights.

However, going from place to place can sometimes be a bit arduous, where buses, trains and boats can be crowded AF.

Not only that, but its usually horrifically humid and your clothes stick to your body while you sweat out of every conceivable orifice.

smelly feet
Credit: Viral Press UK

So naturally, you’d expect that if everyone is in the same situation you’d band together and make sure everyone’s journey is as smooth as possible.

Well that sort of attitude didn’t fly with this particular backpacker who’s since been branded ‘rude and arrogant’.

Narong Thaopanya was trying to mind his own business on a warm bus travelling from Bangkok to Sukhothai in northern Thailand.

But unfortunately the woman behind him decided she would take her shoes off, keep her socks on, and rest them right next to his head.

Not only is that a serious invasion of personal space but I can imagine that combo would fucking suck.

Narong said he politely asked her to put her feet down, but she refused and just kept staring at him.

I mean, if you look at the pictures there is a perfectly vacant part of the bus at the back where no one else is. WHY CAN’T YOU GO THERE AND PUT YOUR GROSS FEET UP.

But no.

Narong toldĀ the Daily Mail: “‘The smell from her feet was filling the whole bus. It was hot and made me feel sick, because her feet were next to my head.

“I asked her many times to put her legs on the ground and she would not do it. She just kept them in the air.

“‘People should be more respectful when they are visitors to other people’s countries.”