Fish Tank Thief Caught When He Went To Back To Pet Shop To Buy Goldfish To Put In It

It’s one thing stealing a fish tank, but it’s quite another thing to return and try to buy the fish for it! In this article you can read about a thief who got caught doing just that!

Nigel Ball, 52, went to a pet store and stole a £50 ($62) fish tank from Pets at Home in Wakefield, England. He then decided that he also needed the fish so he returned to the very same pet store and tried to buy them!

Staff asked the thief what type of tank he had and he pointed to the one similar to what he had stolen. It was such an unusual type that staff were immediately alerted and called the police.

Theft: Staff at pets at Home in Wakefield became suspicious when the thief returned to the store
Theft: Staff at pets at Home in Wakefield, England became suspicious when the thief returned to the store

Ball had also written his name and address down when trying to buy the fish and this led the police right to his home where they found the tank. Ball admitted to the theft, saying that he had stolen the tank after 5pm and carried it over a mile to his house.

Mr Ball told police when he was arrested at his residence in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

“I wanted to buy some goldfish, but I had to fill out a form with my details on it. That’s what got me.”

Prosecutor Rory Byrne told the court:

“As brazen as anything he lifted the fish tank off the shelf, as big as it is, and simply walked out of the store.”

“Some sight it must have been. It was his return which got him.

“No pun intended, but the main prosecution witness is a Mr Severn, as in the river.”

Ball’s defence lawyer said his client had stolen the fish tank for his daughter after he had broken her old one while washing it.

Source: Daily Mail