Dad Convinces His Wife The Whole House Has Shaved Their Heads, Hilarity Ensues

April Fools Day! How many of us have been the victims of jokes? On the other hand, how many times have you managed to play an epic joke on someone? Bobby Wesson managed to play a joke on wife Rayena, which pretty much takes that cake!

Rayena is a trauma nurse so is used to handling stressful situations. However, nothing can be more stressful than receiving text messages about your son. Deacon – who is the light of him mother’s eye – was in on the prank with dad. Seems that in one of Rayenas’ breaks Bobby texted her. The text started off with the word ‘Hey baby’, which Bobby agrees is never a good sign. As far as Rayena went, things were about to get a whole lot worse!

Bobby said he had been planning the prank for months, and actually had things all ready, waiting for the perfect time. “I waited a while to pull the trigger on this prank,” Bobby said. “I’d had these pics ready for a month but, like I said, her easy nights are few and far between. Sometimes she doesn’t even get to sit down much less sit down and eat.”

Bobby's facebook
Bobby’s facebook

The texts went on to convince Rayena that her son had accidentally shaved his head. It had happened while dad was trimming his own neck, and the boy got hold of the hair trimmer and attacked his own head with it.

As was to be expected, mom went nuts, especially as the photo shoot at school is coming up soon. Just the week before they had taken the lad to his hairdresser, some 45 minutes away, to make sure he looked in tip top condition for the pictures.

Right down to showing Rayena a shot of the clippers next to a pile of blond hair, Bobby was totally prepared for things. One of the shots shows the bot hiding under the bedclothes, because he was just too embarrassed to come out. It was then that dad decided that the only way to help the lad would be to shave his own head.

Bobby told Rayena that he was heading up to shave his own head and would ‘get back to her’. He certainly did that, sending her the picture of the pair of them with shaved heads! We can’t imagine what mom was going through when she got the text picture! What we do know is that when a mom texts back with a string of letters that do not make sense, she is most definitely not a happy camper!

Bobby said that he tried to make the picture on photoshop, which he admits he is quite good at. He never managed it quite right, so contacted people on Fiverr to see if anyone could do it. No one there seemed able to give him the result he wanted, so he said he just had to try things himself. After watching some tutorials and blogs, Bobby said he produced a picture which looked ‘pretty good’. It certainly had the effect he wanted!

How did the joke end? Seems it turned out okay in the end, after all – the family that laughs together, stays together – according to Bobby.

Weeeeell dang haha good morning everyone I lived through the night

Rayena also had a laugh at Bobby’s expense some time ago, when he lost a bet, and ended up having her name tattooed on his behind!

“This wasn’t the first time Rayena’s been pranked,” Bobby Wesson explains. “Nor was it mine. I lost a bet that ended with having Rayena’s name tattooed on my butt last year.”

Source: Scary Mommy