Check Out This Restored 1956 Zenith With Original Kitchen Appliances Still Intact

If you were interested in buying a camper trailer of some sort, which element would be most important to you? Are you after a fully functioning bathroom or a bed that can be stored upright? Are you looking for an old-school interior or something a bit more modern? What’s the most important space in the trailer?

If you answered ‘kitchen’ to any one of those questions, then this 1956 Zenith is bound to impress. The trailer has been restored, but the kitchen still has its original appliances. There’s plenty of room to cook, and the oven even comes complete with a broiler. Check out some pictures of the joint below.

The raised dining nook is perfect for a family or group of friends. To the left, across from the front door, there’s more seating area.

Here’s a look at the kitchen. Who wouldn’t want a refrigerator like that one?

Though the wood interior is a tad dark, the many windows bring in plenty of natural light.

“A flat screen TV for those days when it’s raining,” says Jimmy Evans, who restored the trailer.

Evans says this is the original toilet. It’s not often that you see a toilet like this inside of a camper trailer.

What did you think of this Zenith? Did you like the look inside?