People Working Abroad Are More Creative, Say Top Psychologists

According to Adam Grant, psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, people who live away from their hometowns are more creative than those who live where they were born. By ‘far away’ he means that they live abroad. Mr Grant says that different cultures bring a whole new set of issues to the lives of people … Read more

‘Uninhabitable’ 1887 House Is Lovingly Restored To Its Former Glory

Sadly, it’s not uncommon to see old houses abandoned and left to fall apart. Many of these dilapidated old homes used to be beautiful and majestic in their prime. One particular old house in York, Pennsylvania, that stood neglected for many years. Its was slowly rotting away, and its lovely features were almost lost to … Read more

7 Mistakes That Can Make Even Veteran RVers Look Like Rookies

Embarking on a RV adventure takes a lot of preparation and there’s various things you need to pay attention to. So many things that it’s easy to make a mistake or two in the process. These vary in severity, from leaving your windows open on a windy day to buying a RV that’s completely unsuitable … Read more

6 Online Places To Search Photo Collections For Your Genealogy Research

Very few family historians are fortunate enough to have photographs of their ancestors, especially of those who lived more than two generations back. Most of us have access to a few photos through family members, but these are usually only in our close family circle. As more people have become interested in genealogy, more photograph … Read more