Angler Shot, Killed In South Texas

An angler was shot and killed, while two others were wounded, when they were fishing on the US side of the Rio Grande River. This has happened only three months after a similar incident some 50 miles away took place on Falcon Lake. In this instance the angler was also killed. It is unclear as to whether the two incidents are in any way related.

Starr County Sheriff’s Office received a call that shots had been fired on the river in Fronton. On arrival they found one man dead, with the other two having non-life threatening injuries. They are expected to survive the shooting. It was one of the injured men who had placed the call.

The gunshots had come from the other side of the river, in Mexico, according to the two survivors. The three men had been fishing together. All three fishermen were in the US legally, as per the police department.

The incident is now in the hands of the US Border Patrol and the Texas department of Public Safety Troopers, who are not willing to issue a statement right now, but will continue to investigate the incident.

Source: Wired 2 Fish