Fugitive Driving A MOTORHOME Takes Alaska State Troopers On Wild Chase Before Smashing Into Several Patrol Cars

Normally state troopers face car chases with other cars but in this article you can read of a suspected Alaska fraudster led state troopers a merry chase in his bus-sized RV.

Eligah Christian, 49, was successfully taken into custody after trying to elude capture in Wasilla. An officer spotted Christian driving his motorhome down busy Parks Highway in Wasilla at 10:35 a.m. Friday. He was wanted for questioning due to 15 counts of theft and 21 counts of issuing bad checks. He was also sought on a $100,000 warrant for scheming to defraud.

After spotting him, the officer turned on the lights and siren, but Christian failed to stop and the chase began with the suspect driving very recklessly. Several squad cars joined the 12-mile pursuit and spike strips were deployed to stop the motorhome. The vehicle struck several of the law enforcement cars as he tried to turn the RV around to avoid the tacks. He finally came to stop outside a residence and he was arrested. 

The officer narrates the chase:

“Christian failed to yield to emergency lights and siren and began to recklessly travel south on Church Road towards the Parks Highway where he turned northbound.”

“He began to turn the motorhome around striking several patrol vehicles,” a trooper continued.

“Christian was stopped at a residence off Pittman Road and was placed into custody.”

Christian was charged with felony reckless driving and criminal mischief and was jailed right away.

 Source: Daily Mail