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    Singing Police Officer Spreads Festive Cheer At Tesco Supermarket Checkouts, Then Makes Toddler’s Day

    A singing police officer brought Christmas cheer to shoppers at a Redcar supermarket.

    This video shows the cheery police officer walk to the front of the check outs at Redcar’s Tesco supermarket, in West dyke Road, and start chanting the age-old festive favourite ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ while shoppers pay for their goods. After getting everyone in the store to sing along, the officer then walks over to three-year-old Kian, in the arms of his dad, Roy, while his sister, Rose, looks on.

    Kian’s mum Becca Gleeson said the footage perfectly captures Redcar’s Christmas community spirit.

    She said: “It was on Saturday at the front of the tills. He said ‘right everybody, let’s have a sing song’.

    “I know he is notorious for singing. I think he was only coming in to grab his lunch.

    “He has seen Kian and I think he was the only kid at the check out.”

    The officer then speaks to ‘Santa Claus’ on his radio, asking if Kian is on the good list this year.

    Becca said: “It was lovely. I see people putting videos on Facebook and I think how I never get stuff like that.

    “It was really nice to be able to see.

    “Kian loves policemen so we couldn’t have planned it better.

    “He was just gobsmacked.”

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    Disney has revealed more details of its new Toy Story Land – and it’s guaranteed to make you feel small

    THE new Toy Story Land at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios is guaranteed to give even the tallest of blokes small man syndrome.

    Giant Jenga sets and Woody figures are dotted around the new site, to make guests feel like they’ve been shrunk to the size of a toy.

     Disney Word have offered another glimpse of their upcoming Toy Story Land

    One of the movie’s main characters – Woody – is on hand to greet visitors as they come into the park – towering over the entrance.

    Elsewhere in the park, other favourites like Rex and Jessie also make an appearance – with Rex looking out over the entire site from his spot on top of a huge Jenga tower.

    There will also be a trusty green army man on a nearby lookout tower who is keeping watch for Andy’s return.

    In a new ABC Disney Christmas special, Hollywood Studio bosses gave another sneak peak into how the park is getting along ahead of its opening next summer.

     A Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster - currently being built- winds its way around most of the park

    The main ride is the Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster, which appears to wind its way around most of the park – themed as if Andy had used his Mega Coaster Play Kit to build the ultimate coaster for Slinky.

    There is also an attraction called Alien Swirling Saucers, designed as a toy play set that Andy got from Pizza Planet.

    It’s an arcade area where aliens zoom around attempting to capture your rocket toy vehicle with ‘The Claw’ – accompanied by space electronica music.

    According to reports, kids’ favourite Buzz Lightyear is also expected to get his own rocket ride, although the details are as yet unclear.

     There is also Alien Swirling Saucers, designed as a toy play set that Andy got from Pizza Planet

    At Woody’s Lunch Box, Andy’s lunch box and thermos have been used to create a walk-up quick-service window that will serve up American food and old-fashioned soda floats.

    Executive Creative Director of Walt Disney Imagineering, David Minichiello said: “When you enter ‘Toy Story Land’ you suddenly discover you’re now the size of the toy.

    “At the beginning of the land you see Woody. In the distance you see Jessie and Rex.”

     At Woody's Lunch Box, Andy’s lunch box and thermos have been used to create a walk-up quick-service window that will serve up American food

    Florida isn’t getting all of the fun though – Pixar, which created Toy Story, is also launching new tricks over at Disneyland in California.

    In 2018, the California adventure park is launching Pixar Pier down at the area now known as Paradise Pier.

    Guests can discover new neighbourhoods featuring characters from “The Incredibles,” “Inside Out” and “Toy Story.”

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    Sausage Roll Jesus Creates Heartburn For British Bakery Firm

    London: A British bakery chain has apologised after creating a Nativity scene in which Baby Jesus, surrounded by three wise men, was replaced with a sausage roll.

    And not just any sausage roll, but one that had been bitten into.

    Greggs, the largest bakery chain in Britain, released the image of the sausage roll nestled in a straw-filled manger to help promote its $40 advent calendar.

    But no sooner had the image of the sausage roll saviour been published than consumers of all faiths took to Twitter to express moral indignation ??? and more than a few snickers.

    One woman observed that Jesus was Jewish and that pork was not kosher.

    “Out of interest do you think the people at Greggs understand that Jesus was Jewish and serving up a pork sausage roll in the manger is unbelievably inappropriate?” the woman, identifying herself as Beth Rosenberg, wrote on Twitter.

    Simon Richards, chief executive of The Freedom Association, a libertarian group, said the reimagining of the infant Jesus as a fatty snack was “sick” and “anti-Christian”.

    “Please boycott @GreggsOfficial to protest against its sick anti-Christian Advent Calendar,” he wrote on Twitter. “What cowards these people are: we all know that they would never dare insult other religions!”

    Daniel Webster, a spokesman for the Evangelical Alliance of Britain, said Thursday that companies had long used Christian holidays to try to sell consumer items. He said that he was not offended by the sausage roll, but that he believed that Jesus should be the focus of the Christmas season. The depiction of a holy and sacred man as processed meat, he added, was little more than “processed outrage to sell processed food.”

    Greggs, which is based in Newcastle upon Tyne, has apologised.

    “We’re really sorry to have caused any offence. This was never our intention,” a spokesman said.

    While many people said they were offended by the image, it also prompted whimsy, delight, a poem and more than a few bad puns.

    “I never thought I would see the sentence ‘Greggs sorry for replacing Jesus with sausage roll’. One of those moments that makes you glad to be alive,” Emma Weinbren, an editor at The Grocer, wrote on Twitter.

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    This Benefit Cheat Mum Pocketed £78,000 Of Money She Was Not Entitled To

    This benefit cheat mum pocketed more than £78,000 she was not entitled to but has walked free from court.

    Kathryn Leathard fleeced the taxpayer for five years, claiming handouts under the false pretence she was a single parent.

    A court heard the 29-year-old claimed tax credits, income support, council tax benefit and housing benefit on the basis she was living alone.

    The fraud came to light after Leathard’s partner was proved to be living with her through evidence which included a takeaway account.

    Now the mum-of-three, of Parkwood Avenue, Prudhoe, Northumberland, has been spared an immediate spell behind bars after a judge said he didn’t want to take her away from her children.

    Judge Stephen Earl, at Newcastle Crown Court, told her: “Let’s be clear – this is public money you defrauded the government and the public out of.

    “People who pay into it are entitled to that money.

    “It may be you would have been entitled to some of it but but the effect is, when people commit fraud, you never know the full truth.

    “I accept you didn’t get into this seeing how much you could defraud but you have defrauded and it’s a large some of money.

    “You are a 29-year-old woman with three children, one has respiratory problems and it can’t be easy.

    “You found yourself claiming benefits and I suspect you found it easy to continue claiming benefits and didn’t change the position you were in.”

    The court heard the offences happened between 2011 and 2016 and the total overpayment was £78,990.

    Prosecutor Barry Robson said: “The income support claim began in November 2011 until May 2016.

    “Throughout that period she said she was a lone parent with dependent children when in fact that was not the position.

    “There were reminders throughout the period, she received a changes booklet on four occasions showing what she needed to declare.”

    When interviewed about the benefit fraud, Leathard made no comment to investigators.

    Mr Robson said: “Material was put to her that her partner had been living there because of various accounts, including a Just Eat account and he was a tenant of one of the garages where they lived.

    “She says he was not there all the time at the beginning but the relationship hardened over the years.

    “She has no previous convictions and there is no evidence of a profitable lifestyle.”

    Leathard pleaded guilty to three benefit fraud charges and was given 12 months imprisonment, suspended for 12 months, with supervision and she must do 140 hours of unpaid work.

    Jamie Adams, defending, handed in four references from people who had known her for years, which showed a better side to her character.

    Judge Earl said: “I’m not going to take her away from her children.”

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    British Woman, 26, Hopes To Raise Millions Selling Her Virginity Oonline – And Claims Her Parents Support It

    A BRITISH student is apparently offering to sell her virginity to the highest bidder online – and claims her parents support her decision.

    Jasmin, 26, says she is “sick of waiting for the right man” and now hopes to raise millions to secure her future by joining a deeply disturbing trend.

     Jasmin, a student in London, is offering to sell her virginity to the highest bidder
    Jasmin, a student in London, is offering to sell her virginity to the highest bidder

    Jasmin told Sun Online: “I really respect ladies who are traditional and want to wait for sex after marriage. I was one of them.

    “I really wanted to wait for the right one. But I don’t want to wait any longer.

    “So I chose another way which will make me happy. I am sure about my decision.”

    Jasmin, who says she is studying in London, added: “Let’s be honest, who would not prefer to take a million rather than having the first time again with a guy who most likely has already left?”

     Jasmin posted a picture of herself in a bikini on the controversial escort website
    Jasmin posted a picture of herself in a bikini on the controversial escort website

    And she claims her parents are right behind her. They are said to believe she is old enough to make her own decisions and agree she is better off selling her virginity rather than give it to a man who will then dump her anyway.

    In a video posted on her auction page, Jasmin nervously flicks her hair as she explains she wants to go travelling and then start a business.

    She says: “Hello, I’m Jasmin, I’m 26 and I live in the UK. I would love to travel the world.

    “I would like to visit America and maybe do a road trip round America. I would really like that a lot. Also maybe visit countries like Asia, Dubai.

     Jasmin is the first Briton to join the disturbing trend of women selling their virginity online
    Jasmin is the first Briton to join the disturbing trend of women selling their virginity online

    “And also in the future I would really like to set up my own business.

    “I feel like this would be an opportunity for me to move on in the world and progress, and obviously I would be doing it for financial reasons.”

    She is auctioning her virginity through a controversial German escort agency, which earlier this year raised £2million for Romanian model Aleexandra Kefren, 18.

    The agency assures potential bidders Jasmin had been checked by a doctor to certify she has never had sex.

    The winning punter gets to spend one night with her in a hotel in Germany, where the transaction is legal.

    Bids for Jasmin have already reached £90,000 in a few days, but she hopes the final price will be higher. It is not known if she will go through with it.

     Revealing images of Jasmin on the Cinderella Escorts website, where her virginity is being auctioned to the highest bidder
    Revealing images of Jasmin on the Cinderella Escorts website, where her virginity is being auctioned to the highest bidder

    The student, who would not give her surname, told Sun Online by email: “My future plans include starting my own business and that requires money.

    “Doing this will allow me to move forward with my life. I will be able to have a future free of financial worries.

    “Traditional views regarding virginity are so outdated. I believe that its my choice what I do with my body and I am sick and tired of waiting for the right person to come along.

    “After 26 years I still haven’t found him so I decided a positive alternative would be selling my virginity.”

    Jasmin is selling her virginity through Cinderella Escorts, which has been described as “the world’s most famous escort agency”.

    Agency boss Jan Zakobielski, 27, runs the website from an apartment in Dortmund

    It offers high-class hookers starting at £1,730 an hour.

    But it has become notorious for selling the virginity of at least four young European women so far.

     Aleexandra Kefren, 18, claims to have sold her virginity for £2million
    Aleexandra Kefren, 18, claims to have sold her virginity for £2million
     The model, from Bucharest, said she wanted to help pay her parents' mortgage
    The model, from Bucharest, said she wanted to help pay her parents’ mortgage

    Last year 18-year-old wannabe underwear model Aleexandra Kefren caused a storm when she revealed on This Morning she was selling her virginity to pay her parents’ mortgage.

    Her family in Bucharest threatened to disown her, but she went ahead and was inundated with offers.

    In March she claimed a Hong Kong businessman eventually offered to pay a total of 2.3million euros (£2.03million).

    She said he “seemed nice” on the phone and “the hotel is booked”.

    Jasmin, the first British woman on the auction site, said: “Of course it would be a dream to break this record. But even £200,000 would make me happy.”

    Zakobielski said he will pocket 20 per cent of the auction price, and insists he will ensure Jasmin’s safety when she meets the buyer.

    The customer must sign a contract promising he will use a condom and there will be no bondage or sadomasochism.

    He told Sun Online: “All virgins on Cinderella Escorts need to show us a medical certificate that proves they are real virgins.

    “But in order to make 100 per cent sure that Jasmin is a true virgin the buyer can either bring a doctor to a meeting or visit a doctor in Germany a day beforehand.”

    He added: “Jasmin can stop the auction and take the offer whenever she feels comfortable. Most times girls wait around three months till they finally accept the highest bid.

    “We accompany the girls to the meeting and are in vicinity if problems arise.

    “Of course the women can cancel the meeting at any point if they feel uncomfortable or the customer was unkempt or not a gentleman.”

     Aleexandra was nearly disowned by her family after she revealed her plan
    Aleexandra was nearly disowned by her family after she revealed her plan

    Zakobielski said there is huge demand for virgins, pushing prices up.

    He said: “Most rich men like exclusive things. For example a very old wine or a luxury car which is just produced 100 times.

    “A woman can give her virginity just one time in her whole life, and she held it for 26 years in Jasmin’s case. So Jasmin’s virginity is not just rare, its unique.”

    And he claimed another 50 British women have applied to sell their virginity. Most will be rejected, for instance if they don’t pass psychological tests or if he believes they are being forced by someone else.

    He said: “Generally a lot more women have the courage to sell their virginity, even if the society is against it.

    “But there are still taboos. I think in some years it will be nothing shocking anymore if a women wants to sell her virginity.

    “So it is just a matter of time till we have more British virgins on our website.”

    In September we revealed transgender blogger Lila Rose was selling her virginity to a bidder who would pay for her £30,000 reassignment surgery, promising the sex would be “mind blowing”.

    Meanwhile a hard-up Ukrainian teenager put an ad in her local newspaper offering her virginity to a “real man” because she urgently needs £1,500.

    She said: “Sooner or later I will have to say goodbye to it. So it is better to do it this way than at some drunken party.”

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    The Glasgow Pie That Will Change Your Breakfast Forever

    Get ready for a breakfast game-changer, Glasgow.

    This deli is serving up a fry up with a difference – and your mornings will never be the same again.

    Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to… the full Scottish breakfast in a pie.

    We’re talking thin layers of lorne sausage, haggis, potato scone and black pudding, deliciously topped off with a baked egg sprinkled with pieces of bacon.

    (Image: Daily Record)
    (Image: Daily Record)

    Chef Andy Currie is the man behind the masterpiece, and he told the Daily Record his ingenious creation has been flying out of his deli on the outskirts of Glasgow.

    He said: “I came up with the idea when I opened the deli thinking it would be a bit of a gimmick, but they have been flying out of the shop in the morning.

    “The workmen and the van drivers love them with a cup of tea or coffee.

    “I tried a few different ways of doing it to begin with, building up the layers in different ways.

    “I think the one we have settled on with the egg on top with bacon pieces is the best.

    “We then have the sausage, haggis, tattie scone and black pudding coming in from the bottom.

    “It is well balanced and all of the ingredients are top quality.

    “The spice level is good and it has a bit of salt without being too salty.”

    (Image: Daily Record)
    (Image: Daily Record)

    Catering firm manager Andy, who launched Table 13 Express takeaway deli in Kirkintilloch earlier this year, said he enjoys experimenting with traditional Scottish fare.

    The dad-of-two added: “We have a few different pies, the traditional steak pie and steak and haggis pies are really popular as well.

    “We are always looking to experiment and we even have a lasagne pie.

    “When you add the breakfast pie to that line up I think there has to be something for everyone in there.”

    Andy with co-workers Mac Davidson and Susan O’Reilly (Image: Daily Record)

    English breakfast fry-up pies are all the rage across the UK, but we’re pretty sure this is the first Scottish version.

    Perfect for lazy mornings or an accompaniment to a can of Irn Bru as a weekend curer, this dish looks simply scrumptious.

    We don’t know about you but we cannot wait to try this!

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    The British Government Wants Expectant Mums To Be Called Pregnant ‘People’ – Not ‘Women’

    People have reacted animatedly to the proposal that the term ‘pregnant women’ is changed to ‘pregnant people’, so as not to exclude transgender people.

    The proposal was reportedly made by the country’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, in a submission on amending the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

    The Times quoted a representative from the Office, who confirmed: “We requested that the UN Human Rights Committee made it clear that the same right [to life for pregnant women] extends to pregnant transgender people.”

    The proposal has caused quite a bit of controversy, with many critics expressing their disapproval online.

    As you can imagine, conversation has been particularly heated over on Twitter!

    “UK not using the term ‘pregnant women’ in case it offends trans people. What is this world coming to?” tweeted one person.

    Another branded the proposal as ‘insanity’: “The term ‘pregnant woman’ excludes all people who are not pregnant. Biology excludes trans woman from pregnancy, not language.”

    Elsewhere, a Twitter user who does not support the proposal asked ‘what is the world coming to?’ in their 140-character commentary.

    Others, however, have viewed it as progressive and necessary move forwards.

    “It’s really not hard to say ‘pregnant people’ instead of ‘pregnant women’. Why is there such a fuss over it? It’s simple inclusivity,” wrote one supporter.

    “Really pleased the UK Government is demanding pregnant transgender people are given the ‘right to life’ in the UN treaty,” another said.

    What are your thoughts on the proposal? Are you in favour of having the term ‘pregnant women’ replaced by ‘pregnant people’ in official documents?

    Be sure to share your opinion!

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    A New Children’s Play Village Is Being Launched – And It Looks Brilliant For Kids

    Do your kids love role play?

    They’ll probably love a new Children’s Play Village that’s being built in Warwick.

    It will feature a make believe street of shops, a tea room, a vets and a hair salon across 12 different role play areas.

    Budding builders will be able to get stuck in on the construction site to save the village hall from disrepair.

    And rising stars can take centre stage in the theatre too.

    Street view at the Children’s Play Village in Warwick

    Best of all, there will be ‘play facilitators’ on hand every day to step into the role play areas and encourage new scenarios for the children to explore.

    Set in nine acres of countryside, the centre will also give kids chance to play outdoors too.

    Operation Rebuild area at the Children’s Play Village in Warwick
    “We were looking for something to do with our kids other than soft play,” said co-owner Shelley Corbett, from Sutton Coldfield.“We wanted something based around imagination and role play.

    “So we decided to create something really special for children to play in and enjoy with their families.”

    Tea room at the Children’s Play Village in Warwick (Image: Children’s Play Village)

    Each of the role play areas will be filled with play props and dressing up outfits.

    And the play facilitators will ensure that children enjoy a different play experience every time they visit.

    Fire engine at the Children’s Play Village in Warwick (Image: Children’s Play Village)
    “We’re working with Pyjama Drama (a group that offers drama classes to children) so that staff will be play facilitators, dedicated to delivering spontaneous play situations for children,” added the mum-of-two.“There will be a different theme each week.

    “So maybe one time, they will come into the tea room and play out a scenario where it’s a children’s birthday but the cake isn’t made and could the children help?

    “Then the children – and parents – can choose to get involved.”

    Kids will also be able to shop for groceries, tackle a pretend fire as a fireman, put their culinary skills to the test in the cafe and nurse poorly pets at the vets.

    Supermarket at the Children’s Play Village in Warwick (Image: Children’s Play Village)

    Where and when will the Children’s Play Village be launched?

    Shelley is hoping the Children’s Play Village will be ready to launch in January 2018.

    It will be on Hampton Road, Warwick, CV35 8HA in what was once a rugby club.

    She and business partner Alan have been busy transforming the building into an imagination haven for youngsters.

    Orleys salon at the Children’s Play Village in Warwick (Image: Children’s Play Village)

    What age children is it for?

    The role play areas are designed to appeal to kids aged three and above, only stopping when children no longer enjoy this type of play.

    There’s also an under threes area and a special place in the ‘Village Square’ for babies and crawlers.

    Will there be outdoor play?

    Yes. Unlike many soft play areas, there will be extensive grounds for children to play outside.

    There will be a playground and imaginative play will be encouraged in the great outdoors too.

    Camping area at the Children’s Play Village in Warwick (Image: Children’s Play Village)

    Will there be parking?

    There will be plenty of parking available on site.

    Find out more at the Children’s Play Village website here

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    This Guy Was An Obscure Nation’s 6 Millionth Tourist, And He Got One Incredible Surprise

    Sandwiched between Turkey and Russia, the Republic of Georgia recently greeted its 6 millionth tourist (per the nation’s best estimate, at least) with a surprise VIP experience that included dinner with the prime minister.

    The lucky winner was Jesper Black, a Dutch traveler who flew into the capital of Tbilisi to visit friends living there. He had planned to explore the city by day and spend time with his friends at night. From the moment he checked in at customs, however, things took a surprising turn. Here’s a case study video of how it went down:

    As always with campaigns like this, one would be justified in asking if this surprise was really on the level. As one sarcastic YouTube commenter says, “I have absolutely, 100 percent, no doubt in my mind at all that this was a legitimate surprise for that ‘lucky’ guy.”

    We were equally skeptical, so we talked to the agency behind the campaign: Windfor’s. Creative chairman Vato Kavtaradze said “with pure heart” that the stunt was all very real, with a few slight nudges in terms of how Black was selected.

    “Believe it or not there is practically nothing that is not real in this video. The guy is absolutely unaware what is going on, and right until meeting with the PM, he thinks that it’s his host-friend’s surprise arrangement,” Kavtaradze said. “We had several development plans regarding the candidate passengers of the plane, which by approximate calculations was carrying that lucky guest on its board. We worked hard with customs office and corresponding state services.”

    In other words, he may not have exactly been the 6 millionth visitor, but they narrowed it down to his flight and then selected someone who seemed like a good pick.

    We also reached out to Black himself to learn more details:

    “Let me start by saying that I am very much a ‘real person,’ and not a hired gun, as some people suggest,” Black told Adweek via email. “I came to visit my friend, but clearly that went a little different than planned. I literally had zero idea of what was going on. This was all just one big surprise. And it didn’t make really sense in my head up until the point where the prime minister told me that I was tourist number 6 million. Up until that point, I thought that everything—the big Mercedes (waiting at the airport), the billboard, the camera crew—was the work of my friend. I just kept thinking, ‘What did I miss that she is able to arrange all this?’”

    While Black may not have been strategically selected in advance by Georgian tourism officials, he’s definitely the ideal candidate for such a bold effort.

    Currently living in Barcelona, the 30-year-old Netherlands native is a lifelong traveler who studied journalism but settled into a customer service job after moving to Spain. He began creating annual video roundups of his travels and, about six months ago, decided to start documenting his experiences more frequently on YouTube.

    “My channel is very small, and I’ve always made my movies for myself, as a memory of my wonderful travel days,” he said. “My videos had around a 100 views or so, and after the Georgia thing happened, my channel grew quite a lot—well, relative to its size. I gained around a thousand new subscribers overnight. Hopefully, someday I can make a living out of doing the two things in life I love the most: traveling and creating.”

    If you’re wondering whether it would be creepy to be picked up by a stone-faced driver and taken to an unknown destination—well, even Black admits the answer is yes.

    Arriving at the airport and expecting to be picked up by a friend, Black instead found “a man in a black suit with a piece of paper with my name on it,” and he’s taken to a black Mercedes S-Class sedan.

    “I have this tiny conversation in my head,” Black says in his own video recap, “‘If they’re going to steal my organs, would they use a Mercedes S-Class?’ And I’m like, ‘No, I don’t think so.’ So I get in the car without any question.”

    Admitting he was “a little uncomfortable,” Black decided to just go with it, and he soon found himself surrounded by a police escort and being taken to dinner with Georgia Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili. As you can see in the video below, his bafflement was quite genuine.

    “There’s this massive billboard with my picture on it,” Black recounts, “and it says ‘He has arrived.’ I’m like, ‘What?’ My tiny little brain cannot comprehend what’s going on.”

    Black’s meal with the prime minister had another interesting bit of backstory: the agency created a website for Georgians to vote on which of the nation’s dishes should be served to the 6 millionth tourist. You can see the results in the case study video above.

    Here are some more videos Black posted from his surprisingly incredible visit to Georgia:

    And here he answers some questions from viewers, including, “Are you an actor?” As you can guess from his comments to Adweek above, the answer is no, but he does tell some fun behind-the-scenes stories of how it all went down.


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    Man Felt Sick After Rude Backpacker Puts Smelly Feet On Bus Seats

    Travelling through South East Asia is an incredible experience and I cannot recommend it more to people wanting to see some amazing sights.

    However, going from place to place can sometimes be a bit arduous, where buses, trains and boats can be crowded AF.

    Not only that, but its usually horrifically humid and your clothes stick to your body while you sweat out of every conceivable orifice.

    smelly feet
    Credit: Viral Press UK

    So naturally, you’d expect that if everyone is in the same situation you’d band together and make sure everyone’s journey is as smooth as possible.

    Well that sort of attitude didn’t fly with this particular backpacker who’s since been branded ‘rude and arrogant’.

    Narong Thaopanya was trying to mind his own business on a warm bus travelling from Bangkok to Sukhothai in northern Thailand.

    But unfortunately the woman behind him decided she would take her shoes off, keep her socks on, and rest them right next to his head.

    Not only is that a serious invasion of personal space but I can imagine that combo would fucking suck.

    Narong said he politely asked her to put her feet down, but she refused and just kept staring at him.

    I mean, if you look at the pictures there is a perfectly vacant part of the bus at the back where no one else is. WHY CAN’T YOU GO THERE AND PUT YOUR GROSS FEET UP.

    But no.

    Narong told the Daily Mail: “‘The smell from her feet was filling the whole bus. It was hot and made me feel sick, because her feet were next to my head.

    “I asked her many times to put her legs on the ground and she would not do it. She just kept them in the air.

    “‘People should be more respectful when they are visitors to other people’s countries.”


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    Expat Un-Brats: Why Taking Your Children Away From Everything They’ve Known Could Be The Making Of Them

    My boy was made in Italy, took his first breath in the UK, cut teeth in Hong Kong, was pre-schooled in Australia and primary schooled back in the UK. His sister’s birth certificate bears a picture of the Sydney Harbour Bridge but her passport’s a very regal British burgundy, which was issued in New Zealand.

    Confused? Strangely my kids are not.

    My husband’s career in construction disputes, combined with a chronic wanderlust has meant we’ve called six different countries home. Since having children we’ve slowed down a little, adjusting locations and timing in-line with parental priorities. For instance, smoggy Hong Kong lost its shine when we became responsible for a pair of newborn lungs. Our kids’ time as expats though, (I’ll avoid using ‘immigrants’ as it seems like a dirty word right now), has gifted them with a worldliness and cultural empathy beyond their five and nine years.

    My son will talk at length about the persecution of Aboriginal Australians and the plight of the Calais jungle residents. My daughter’s breakfast read of choice (jointly tied with the Argos catalogue), is an atlas. Before they knew their alphabets they could each name all the continents. They’ve penned lengthy and fairly random travel bucket lists, mostly centered around food – the accessibility of maki rolls and fresh mango dictating a country’s ranking.

    This sense of excitement about the world, common among their little expat friends, hasn’t happened by accident, it’s something we’ve tried to cultivate. At a time when borders are tightening, lives are shrunk by walls (physical and figurative) and 52% of Brits felt the future lay in looking inward, we want our children to look outward.

    Our journey hasn’t been without turbulence though, which has come in the form of culture shocks. When we brought our boy back from the very urban Hong Kong at 6 months, his first time sitting on grass in a park caused an epic melt-down. On another visit home five years later, at the same park, much amusement ensued when he referred to how Mummy liked a ‘slippery dip’ – the Aussie word for a slide. It took his Grandma 45 minutes to decipher the term ‘flip-flops’ from his frustrated pleas to wear “thongs”. The single biggest source confusion for him about the UK though was: “who turned off the sun?”

    A common assumption about expat children is that they’ll either become over-privileged brats or friendless loners, with poor academic results and no roots. In the more old school destinations where domestic help is commonplace, there may be a danger of over-pampering. At my baby group in Hong Kong, the amahs (maids) held the babies while the expat mothers sat in another room drinking coffee. In Dubai, pass the parcel prizes at some kids’ parties came from the Apple store and several canine expats on my complex had their own dedicated maid.

    However, conscientious expat parents are mindful of the risk of creating monsters and strive to keep their feet on the ground. A millionaire friend of mine in Hong Kong, owner of investment banks in London and Moscow, employed just a single live-out cleaner and happily shopped alongside me for baby grows in the H&M sale bin.

    In terms of education, stats show that living abroad can actually be of benefit. A survey by Denizen, a publication for former expat or ‘third culture kids’, found that the majority had degrees, 30% had a post graduate qualification and 85% spoke two or more languages. Furthermore, 33% had since started their own companies, supporting the notion that people who grow up overseas may be more open to opportunity and less risk averse.

    Examples of famous third culture kids are: Barack Obama, John Kerry, Audrey Hepburn, JRR Tolkien, Yoko Ono, Spike Milligan and Freddie Mercury. A list made up of some dynamic trailblazing types and some plain bonkers ones, either way it’s quite possible that spending their formative years as cultural chameleons paved the way for adulthood success.

    There’s no doubt that dragging your children away from family, friendship groups and everything they’ve known comes at a risk but choose timings and locations carefully and it can be a wholly worthwhile one. So if another damp, grey UK winter has gotten you down or the small town xenophobia sweeping the country has made you claustrophobic, consider taking your family and staging your own Brexit. You may condemn your kids to a weird hybrid accent for life, but what a life they will have.

  • ,

    The Mum Who Hurled Racist Abuse At Bouncers, Bit One Of Them And Claimed She Had AIDS

    A mum has been jailed for mauling two bouncers during a drunken brawl in Wave Bar… and then returning to the venue to hurl a vodka bottle through the front window.

    Doormen were forced to intervene when Evonne McCleary, 41 became embroiled in a bust up over spilt drinks.

    But as the mum-of-two, described as a devout Christian and regular churchgoer, was asked to leave she punched and scratched the door staff, before sinking her teeth into one of the men’s arms and claiming that she had AIDS.

    Evonne McCleary was involved in a bust-up over spilt drinks

    A court heard how she was eventually ejected and arrested. But after being bailed she returned to the Portland Street premises and hurled a bottle of vodka through the front window.

    Manchester magistrates was told that McCleary had recently converted to Christianity and had joined a local church.

    But she wept in the dock and begged: “No, don’t do this to me, please” as as she was jailed for 18 weeks and ordered to pay each of the bouncers £100 compensation after she admitted charges of racially aggravated common assault and criminal damage.

    Wave, on Portland Street in Manchester city centre

    The incident occurred on March 30 after McCleary, from Woodlake Avenue, Chorlton-cum-Hardy had spent the afternoon drinking with friends. Trouble began at 6pm when she was drinking at the bar when one friend accidentally tipped over a table causing drinks to go all over her.

    An argument broke out between the group and the two doormen – Mohamed Delgado and Usman Iqbal – went over to defuse the situation.

    Tess Kenyon prosecuting said: “Mr Delgado explained that he heard shouting and screaming coming from the front of the bar, and he saw a table flip, he didn’t get to see how this argument started but he didn’t want the situation to get more out of control.

    McCleary was asked to calm down and leave the bar

    “He asked her to calm down and leave the bar area. But she said she wasn’t going anywhere and started to shout and scream at him and called him a n****r. He tried again to get her to leave and move away from the rest of the public but she then swung a fist and punched him to the left side of the face.

    “He tried to explain that she had to leave the premises but both men came to the conclusion that the best thing to do was to restrain her to stop her from causing more harm. As they were trying to restrain her she was still shouting and screaming. She told them “I am pregnant and I have AIDs’’ and tried to bite them both.

    ‘’She bit Mr Delgado hard on the forearm and tried to bite him again. She continued to call them both n****rs. Mr Delgado explained that he had a bite mark on his left arm and his face was scarred. He knew that working as a doorman, he would expect to see violence, but not from a woman. He has not suffered any psychological problems, but he has redness on his arm from the bite.

    “He explained that he was trying to stop her from going out of control and trying to stop her from harming anyone else at the bar. He didn’t seek any medical advice. Mr Iqbal was working alongside Mr Delgado and also attempted to calm Mrs McCleary down. He said he felt uncomfortable because this was the first time he had been involved in a situation like this. He just wanted to get her out of the bar without any problems.

    “He said she just continued shouting and screaming. He said he got concerned when she started to tell them that she had AIDS. When she bit him, it really made him think that she might be correct and he wanted to get himself a blood test to see if she had infected him.

    “Officers said she was shocked and looked deeply ashamed”

    “She kept saying “Take your hands off me you n****rs.” She also said: “I know some people who are going to get you, you shouldn’t be in this country.” He was getting increasingly concerned about the AIDS comment. He has now made an appointment with his doctor to get a HIV test to see if he has AIDS. He has bite marks on his forearm too.

    “He explained that she would not be removed easily and at one point they all ended up on the floor. Miss McCleary later said she had been drinking in the bar with friends when one friend tipped the table causing the drinks to go all over her. She explained in her police interview that she wanted to get her bag and leave. She denied that she said any racial comments and denied the assault.

    “However, upon listening to the CCTV and audio from the bar, she knew it was her and officers said she was shocked and looked deeply ashamed. She blushed and she was embarrassed. She was very apologetic.”

    The court heard McCleary was placed on bail with the condition not to go near the Wave Bar, however, she broke this condition by approaching the bar when it was closed and threw a bottle of vodka through the front window, smashing it and causing £500 worth of damage.

    In mitigation McCleary’s lawyer Avisha Gulhati said her client had a number of mental health conditions, including bipolar disorder.

    He added: “Her realisation at the horror of what she had done made her think about what she is capable of when under the influence of alcohol. She is disgusted with herself and no longer drinks. She feels the only reason why she acts in this way is because she is drunk – she is doing all she can to help herself get out of the situation she is in.

    “She has joined a church and converted to Christianity a year ago. She now voluntarily works in their cafe. She is fully supported by the members of her church. She believes that she reacted badly to what happened and didn’t intend to cause the harm that she did.”

    McCleary was also ordered to pay £500 compensation for the damage caused to the bar.

    Justice of the Peace Sheila Margaret Levell told her: “The details of these two assaults are very serious. You attacked people who were doing their duty. This was a nasty assault and a serious offence and will not be treated lightly.”