February 2016

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  • Quick Trick To Change Water In A Freshwater Aquarium

    There is nothing more appealing than a freshwater aquarium with clean, sparkling water! This is every aquarium owners aspiration. It can also be their nightmare! In this article we highlight the issue of green water in aquariums. No matter how busy you are, the weekly change of water is essential to keeping it looking fresh and […]

  • Ultimate Japanese Mushrooms and Recipes Resource

    Jaden over at Steamy Kitchen has put together the ultimate guide on cooking Japanese mushrooms, while also giving you some insight into the different types that can be found. Here’s a peak at those insights, and be sure to pay Steam Kitchen a visit for other gems like this. I’ve been playing around with Japanese […]

  • Steampunk-Adapted Furniture (and a hidden cat…)

    1. Contemporary Sculptor Mati Karmin Creates Amazing Furniture From via: source  2. 99 Sweet Steampunk Renditions via: source  3. Mine Furniture By Mati Karmin SiTtiNG D0wN Pinterest via: source  4. Furniture By Mati Karmin Http Www Emptykingdom Com Main Featured via: source  5. Steampunk Mati Karmin via: source  6. Google Image El Art Del Reciclaje Inspiration Boards Muebles via: source  […]

  • The Exploding Bobbin (… And How To Fix It)

    It’s an issue that many of us come up against, and it’s almost always due to improper tensioning. The following guide, originally by Craftaholics Anonymous (check out their site for some more excellent tips and chatter), is my personal go-to resource on the subject. — What to do When Your Bobbin Explodes The tension might […]

  • 21 Most Creative (and Bizarre) Backyard Chicken Coops

    Need some inspiration for your chicken coop designs and ideas? You’ll love these. Learn to make them yourself with chicken coop plans. Here are 21 Awesome Chicken Coop Designs and Ideas Great Find: Build an Attractive and Affordable Backyard Coop! Much like a miniature version of your own home, your birds will need a chicken coop […]

  • How Does Your Boat Move? (Windpower Explained)

    How does a sailboat harness the wind for movement? The reference image above shows some of the essential parts of a sailboat.  The hull is the main body of the sailboat, to which everything else is attached.  The two masts rise up over the hull, carrying the sails aloft when the crew deploys them.  Sails […]

  • 10 Common Knitting Myths Exposed

    Knitters can be a superstitious bunch – from the sweater curse to old wives’ tales about supposed knitting hacks, there’s a lot of misinformation hanging around. Check out these 10 knitting myths, exposed! 1. You must wind every ball of yarn It’s true that yarns that come in a hank need to be rewound to […]

  • Caravan Park Turns Away 58-Year-Old Widow Because ‘She’s SINGLE’

    Losing a loved one to cancer is incredibly painful. One grandmother not only lost her husband to cancer, but a caravan park turned her away because she was single! You can read this sad and shocking article. 58-year-old Annette Gration, from Skegness, Lincolnshire, loved going on motorhome holidays with her husband of 40 years, Phil. After […]