People Working Abroad Are More Creative, Say Top Psychologists

According to Adam Grant, psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, people who live away from their hometowns are more creative than those who live where they were born. By ‘far away’ he means that they live abroad. Mr Grant says that different cultures bring a whole new set of issues to the lives of people … Read more

A Letter To My Daughter, Who Loathes Me For Not Being Vegan

In a letter to her daughter, a mother pours her heart out about things which are bothering her. It seems that the girl had always been a fussy eater, and became a vegan when she turned 18. The mother admits that it was a choice the girl made and she respected it. She feels that while adopting … Read more

Offline Social Networks Could Be Launching Near You

A middle-aged visionary has launched an offline service called ‘pub’, which allows friends to interact in a building. An overweight, balding 46-year-old man sees ‘pub’ (his local pub) as a place where people can verbally communicate while drinking beer. He said: “There’s Steak Night on Tuesdays and a ska band every third Friday. Hopefully we’re … Read more